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Garden City Youth Athletic Association
2018 T-Ball, Baseball, & Fast Pitch Softball

Welcome to the 64th season of T-Ball, Baseball, and Fast Pitch Softball in Garden City! Our goal is to have fun and have family participation throughout the season. We want everyone involved in supporting the children of the local communities!!

Opening Day – Saturday, May 5, 2018

*Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser and Pictures will be held at the
Burger Transition Center, 30300 Maplewood, Garden City

*Opening Day Ceremony will be held at
Moeller Field, 31713 Birchlawn, Garden City

*Pancake Breakfast will be held between 8am – 12pm.
All proceeds directly support the T-Ball, Baseball, and Fast Pitch Softball programs.

*Pictures will be taken throughout the day for players aged 4 years through 12 years.
Picture schedule will be published on your player’s game schedule.

*Opening day ceremony will be held at 1pm at Moeller field.
Some leagues will have games following the ceremony.

 For Information, contact the following
(734 area code):

Baseball & Fast Pitch Commissioner:
David Ferracciolo  513-3831
T-Ball Director:
David Ferracciolo  513-3831
Boys Pinto Director:
Kyle Blackmore     686-1205
Boys Mustang Director:
Josh Willis             891-4323
Boys Bronco Director:
Jody Mockridge     377-0744   
Boys Pony Director:
Brian Oyer             649-1278
Boys Colt Director:
Ken Kibit               516-7605
Boys Palomino Director:
Ken Kibit               516-7605
Girls Fast Pitch
Tracy Blalock        674-5107  

T-Ball/Baseball/Fast Pitch Softball Commissioner:
David Ferracciolo or call (734) 513-3831