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**All daily game report information and make-up game information will be found in this section**

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You will find maps for all the fields in Garden City, Allen Park, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Wayne and Taylor.

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Two new signs are being posted at City Park and Moeller.
       For safety and sanitary reasons, please refrain from bringing your pets to the fields. 
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  

8U & 12U Girls Fast Pitch Schedules changed as of May 4. 
Changes are noted in Yellow on Schedules.

 Pony schedules for June 6 and June 7 have changed.  
Please note the new schedule.

**Click HERE and HERE to read articles on recent purse and bag thefts 
from vehicles
in the area. Keep your valuables safe!


for Wednesday, May 25

All games are ON as scheduled.


Make up game information is constantly being added as information becomes available. Please check back often for information when you have a cancelled game. Thank you!

Please note the following field change:
Bronco - CP 3 - AP Royals vs GC Mets - Thursday, May 26 - 8pm 

Regular Tball games
(cancelled on Saturday, May 14)
will be made up on Sunday, June 5

Pirates vs Royals - Moe 1 
Cubs vs Nationals - Moe 2 
Tigers vs Yankees - Moe 3
Angels vs Orioles - Moe 4
Mets vs Braves - Moe 5
Athletics vs Blue Jays - Moe 6
D-Backs vs Indians - Moe 7


   Girls Fast Pitch Mustang

Tuesday,May 31
FOD 2 - Dearborn Shockwave vs Dearborn Heights - doubleheader

Wednesday, June 1
FOD 6 - GC Green vs Dearborn Heights - 6pm

Monday, June 6
Ford Field 1 - GC Green vs Dearborn Shockwave - 6pm


 Boys Mustang

Mustang pitchers may pitch on
consecutive days provided he pitches
no more than 2 innings on the first day.

Makeup TBD
Wayne Cubs vs DH Mariners
GC Cubs vs Wayne Mets

Thursday, May 26
CP 1 - Wayne Cubs vs GC Nationals - 6pm

Thursday June 2
Moe 6 - GC Marlins vs GC Rays - 7:45PM
CP 1 - DH DBacks vs GC Twins - 6pm


 Girls Fast Pitch Bronco 

Makeup TBD
AP1 vs GC Blue

Wednesday, June 1
Moe 5 - GC Purple vs GC Blue - 6pm


Boys Bronco

Bronco Pitchers may pitch on
consecutive days provided he does not pitch
more than 3 innings on the first day.

Makeup TBD
DH Astros vs AP Gray
 AP Orange vs AP Royal
AP Blue vs AP Green

Thursday, May 26
Moe 6 - AP Green vs GC Dodgers - 8pm
 Field Change CP 3 - AP Royals vs GC Mets - 8pm 
CP 1 - AP Gray vs GC Athletics - 8pm

Thursday, June 2 
CP 1 - DH Padres vs GC Tigers - 8pm

Opening Day 2016

2016 GCYAA Opening Day Ceremony 
on May 7, 2016 at Moeller Field
filmed by GCTV
Thank you for filming this for us!

Click HERE
to view!!

Curt Blankenship honored for 60 years of service to GCYAA. 
Click HERE to read the article. 

Moeller Field


When the infields are soft after rain and people play/practice on them, the end results are footprints (cleat marks). Speaking from my experience at Moeller, these footprints are exceptionally difficult to repair. When the slag (infield material) dries, it hardens, and so do the footprints. The drag field maintainer can only spread out a thin top layer of slag. It has often taken weeks to finally fill in all the cleat mark damage. Now that the regular season is underway, GCYAA contracts out field maintenance at Moeller Fields (and two diamonds at City Park). The contract infield workers are paid to basically prep the fields for game play, not spend hours on the infield repairing unnecessary damage. As for City Park diamonds, Dan Plamondon, Garden City Parks and Rec Director, maintains them. He is feeling the same pain we at GCYAA feel when the fields look like this. Please understand when Dave (GCYAA baseball/softball Commissioner) and Dan Plamondon cancel games for the day, that also means DO NOT play or practice on the fields.


Two new signs are being posted at City Park and Moeller.
       For safety and sanitary reasons, please refrain from bringing your pets to the fields. 
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.       

Please Note for Moeller Field:
Smoking is NOT ALLOWED at any GCYAA event 
(practices, games, etc.). 
This includes all umpires, coaches, parents, family
and friends watching the games.
NO SMOKING is allowed on or nearby the playing field, 
the dugouts, or spectator areas.
Please adhere to this long-standing GCYAA rule
for the safety of all of our players,
coaches, and spectators. 
Violaters will be asked to leave
the area if they are smoking.



You need to be careful when parking near Moeller Field 6
at the intersection of Moeller & Block.
 You must avoid parking on the lawns of houses nearby.
You also must park 15 feet away from a fire hydrant,
30 feet away from a stop sign,
and do not park within the intersection.
Thank you for your help in keeping this area safe! 


Important Information

 Schedules have been posted
  and are available under 

Baseball tab --> Schedules 
Fast Pitch Softball tab --> Schedules 
(The Fast Pitch Picture Schedule is located under the Schedules tab)
 Contact your coach with any uniform issues. 
Players keep uniform when season is over.
The GCYAA was formed to provide athletic opportunities for all youths. 
We sponsor the programs of t-ball, baseball, fast pitch softball,
football, cheerleading and basketball.
We are a non-profit organization and
ALL board members, commissioners, managers, and coaches are VOLUNTEERS
providing the youth of the area the opportunity to participate in an organized sports program.

"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."


T-Ball, Baseball & Fast Pitch Softball


2016 Season
*We are based in Garden City, MICHIGAN**

There is a 48hr delay in any emails responded to with an AOL email address. 
It appears to be an AOL issue.
Please use a different email address other than AOL to send any email 
so you can receive a response back in a timely matter. Thank you.

  Any questions, please    the T-Ball, Baseball 
& Fast Pitch Commissioner


Late Registration
If you would like to register or be put on a waiting list, 
please EMAIL the commissioner at
Openings are available in Boys Bronco (age 11-12),
Boys Pony (age 13-14) and Boys Colt (age 15-16)
All other registrations are CLOSED.

       Michigan Sports Concussion Law
Required for Players and Parents - Print from the link below, sign and turn in:
Parent /Athlete Acknowledgement Form
*Players must have a form on file in order to participate in Evaluations and Practices*

Required for Coaches and GCYAA officials 
At the link below, complete the Online Training session and Print certificate.
Turn in the certificate at your draft.
*Coaches must have this completed by the day of your scheduled draft*


Important Information

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Thank you.

   Garden City Youth Athletic Association (G.C.Y.A.A.)
Garden City, MI

We are a non-profit organization run by VOLUNTEER board members, managers and coaches which provides the programs of 
TBall, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, Cheerleading,Football and Basketball. 
to all those who give of their time!!


General Membership Meetings

 General Membership Meeting
When: Tuesday, May 17 at 7pm
Where: Moeller Field 
Football Building 
(behind Moeller 7)
  Please join us! We value your help!
*To view the updated GCYAA Bylaws,
please visit the About Us tab*

Volunteers are not paid
because they are worthless,
but because they are priceless.
Author Unknown


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