We are a non-profit organization run by VOLUNTEER board members, managers and coaches who provide the youth of the area the opportunity to participate in the sports of TBall, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, Cheerleading, Football and Basketball.
“Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless,
but because they are priceless.”

Join our GCYAA Facebook Group!

Join our GCYAA TBall, Baseball & Fast Pitch Softball Facebook Group!

  TBall, Baseball & Fast Pitch Softball – 2019 Season

**MONDAY, MAY 20**
All games are ON as scheduled.


Monday, June 10
(for May 1 cancellation)
GC Royals vs GC Pirates – Moe 1 – 6pm
GC Cubs vs GC Tigers – Moe 3 – 6pm
Wayne Navy vs GC Athletics – Moe 5 – 6pm
GC Red Sox vs Wayne Gold – Forest 1 – 6pm

Date/Time TBD
GC Yankees vs DH Rangers


Date/Time TBD
GC Tigers vs AP Green
GC Royals vs AP Blue


(for May 18 cancellation)
Date/Time TBD
AP Green vs Dearborn Heights Braves
AP Gray vs AP Blue 


(for May 18 cancellation)
GC Red vs Northville – Date/Time TBD

Click on link to view schedule:
Hands On Tball
Boys Pinto
Boys Mustang  (Updated 5-2-19)
Boys Bronco (Updated 5-2-19)
Boys Pony
Boys Colt

Girls Schedules
8U Girls Pinto (Updated 5/13/19)
10U Girls Mustang(Updated 5/13/19)
12U Girls Bronco (Updated 5/13/19)
14U Girls Pony

2019 Late Registration
To inquire about openings, contact Dave at gcyaabaseball@gmail.com.  


Attention players eligible for the Pony (13  & 14 year old) and Colt (15 & 16 year old) BASEBALL divisions. The GCYAA will be hosting a giveaway of
four $250 Amazon gift cards!

Eligible players are those who are registered with the GCYAA and who participate in the GCYAA Pony and Colt division for the 2019 season. The player will be  representing their adult parent/guardian in a drawing during the playoffs.

State law dictates minors under the age of 18 cannot be a participant in this gift giveaway, therefore, the name of the player will be representing the parent/guardian for the drawing. It is our hope that the parent/guardian will share this gift with the player.

An eligible player is defined as the following:
n individual who pays and registers in the GCYAA for the Pony or Colt division
Player may not switch from Wayne Baseball or Dearborn Heights Baseball to GCYAA Baseball in order to be eligible for this giveaway
hose birthday falls between the dates of May 1, 2002 and April 30, 2006
*This player must be in good standing with the GCYAA or this will disqualify the registration.

Good standing is defined as the following:
laying the entire season with excused absences to the coach before the game (subject to oversight by the Commissioner’s staff).
*Excused absences include but are not limited to High School baseball events, school functions, illness, injury and so on. Playing for a travel team is NOT an excused absence, but playing for the High School team is.
*Showing good sportsmanship while at the fields before, during and after games and practices (ie. Not being thrown out of a game, no foul language, respect for the coaches, parents, players and umpires.)

The purpose of this giveaway is to promote athletic participation for individuals between the ages of 13 and 16 with the birthdates of May 1, 2002 thru April 30, 2006  in a safe, competitive and fun environment.

General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, May 21 at 7pm
Garden City Police Station Meeting Room
6000 Middlebelt, Garden City
We hope to see you there!


Required for Players and Parents – Print, Sign, Turn in at evaluations if registered online: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/Parentandathleteinfosheet_415328_7.pdf
Required for Coaches and GCYAA officials – Do training, Print certificate and turn in at evaluations or email certificate to gcyaajacquie@gmail.com: