We are a non-profit organization run by VOLUNTEER board members, managers and coaches who provide the youth of the area the opportunity to participate in the sports of TBall, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, Cheerleading, Football and Basketball.
“Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless,
but because they are priceless.”

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020
When: 7pm
Location: TBD
We hope to see you there!

Tball, Baseball, & Fast Pitch Softball
Season Information

Walk-In Registration – Refund

If you still have not picked up your walk-in registration refund check, this week will be the LAST week to EASILY pick it up your refund check as checks WILL NOT be mailed.

 Where: Moeller Field Concession Stand

Monday, June 22: 5pm – 8pm

Tuesday, June 23: 5pm – 6pm

Wednesday, June 24: 5pm – 8pm

Thursday, June 25: 5pm – 6pm

See you there!


Online Registration – Refund Update  – 6/20/20

Online registration refunds are in process. As of today, 6/20/20, ALL online registration refunds have been submitted to PayPal.

We use the PayPal service for our online registrations, so refunds go back through this service to come back to you. Depending on the method of payment you used, will depend on how long it takes to get back to you.

You should receive an email from PayPal soon after he submits for your refund saying “Garden City Youth Athletic Association refunded —— on June —-“ Then about a week later, you should receive an email from PayPal stating “You’ve got Cash!” which confirms the refund has cleared. This amount is now headed to whatever form you paid with – PayPal account, bank account, credit card, debit card.

If you used your PayPal balance OR a bank account, you should see your credit up to 3-5 days later. There could also be other banking delays though based on how your bank handles these types of refunds. If you used a credit OR debit card, you should see the credit up to 30 days later.

We ask you to continue to be patient for these refunds to come through as some parts of the process are out of our control. If you haven’t started to see any communication from PayPal by July 1, please contact me.

Only your registration fee is refunded. Any processing fees you paid are not refunded. We don’t get reimbursed for these fees from the PayPal and credit card companies, so we are unable to refund those. We refund your full registration fee.

Thank you for your patience throughout this online refund process.

Update – 6/3/20

When the state of Michigan lifted restrictions further on June 1, we considered having a short Summer season of games. After looking at everything that had to be done in order to offer a quality season and given Summer vacation plans parents may already have had, we decided to continue with the cancellation of the Spring/Summer season and felt it would be better to instead offer a late Summer/early Fall season – with registration in July, practices in August and games in late August through the beginning of October. Watch our website at www.gcyaa.com or this Facebook group for updates on this late Summer/early Fall season and what divisions we may be able to run. We will continue to follow any COVID guidelines or restrictions that are in place at the time.

Concerning refunds for the cancelled 2020 Spring/Summer season, we are working diligently on getting them ready to process.

If you registered ONLINE, your refund will go back to the card you registered with. ONLY THE REGISTRATION FEE IS REFUNDABLE.

If you registered at a WALK-IN REGISTRATION, your refund will be given by check (no matter what type of payment – cash, check, or card). If your have not contacted me yet, please email me at GCYAA2020REFUND@gmail.com with your player’s name, division they were in and your name (so we know who to make the check out to). We will have a pick up day/time for you to pick up your walk-in registration refund check. They WILL NOT be mailed. ONLY THE REGISTRATION FEE IS REFUNDABLE.


UPDATED 5/29/20

GCYAA Tball, Baseball, & Fast Pitch Softball Families,

It is with great regret, due to the slow reopening of the state of Michigan because of the Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions, the GCYAA has decided to CANCEL the 2020 SEASON of Tball, Baseball, & Fast Pitch Softball.

(The Palomino division (Boys ages 17-18) is not currently cancelled and plans to move forward with games in July and August. Please contact Ken Kibit at ken.gcyaa@gmail.com for further details. If you would like a refund in the Palomino division, please send a refund request to GCYAA2020refund@gmail.com.)
*UPDATE – PALOMINO HAS BEEN CANCELLED and players will be refunded*

It was always our intention to run the program for those who wanted to play this season and refund those who did not. We held out longer than many other programs because 70% of our parents were still interested in a season.

Although the Executive Order could be changed or lifted, letting us play, we would have at least two weeks of prep work such as forming teams, acquiring coaches, making a schedule, purchasing equipment, and purchasing cleaning supplies which would make it difficult to start a season by mid-June. Based on the current Executive Order, a path to allow our children to play ball this season does not seem likely anytime soon. Without the support of the state government, we are not allowed to offer a season for 2020. We know this is tough for our players and parents, as we hoped we could provide games this season.

At this time, we do not know if a Fall program will be run. The GCYAA plans to monitor if this will be possible based on any restrictions at the time and will make a decision as we get closer to the Fall. Watch our website, ‪www.gcyaa.com‬, or this Facebook page for any updates!

All players will be receiving a refund for their registration fee. In previous communication, we had stated the possibility of applying the registration fee to another GCYAA sport or season. We have decided as a board not to offer this option as it is unclear when other sports may be allowed to run if some restrictions continue into the long term.

If you registered by ONLINE REGISTRATION, you will automatically receive your REGISTRATION FEE refunded back to the credit card you registered with. You do not need to provide any further information. The processing fees for online registration are non-refundable by the credit card company. Please be patient as we process through all of the registrations. It will take some time to process them all as we have several hundred to do.

If you registered at a WALK-IN REGISTRATION, whether you paid by cash, check, or credit card, you will receive a refund check. We will determine a CHECK PICK UP DATE AND TIME once all the refunds have been processed and will post this pick up information as soon as it’s available. To help with the efficiency of walk-in registration refunds, please send an email to: GCYAA2020refund@gmail.com with the subject line GCYAA REFUND REQUEST with the name of your player(s), the league they were registered in, and WHO THE CHECK SHOULD BE WRITTEN TO. Unfortunately, we do not have a parent’s printed name on each player’s registration card (only signatures), so providing this information will help us to process the refunds quicker. ONLY THE PLAYER’S REGISTRATION FEE IS REFUNDABLE. Any candy bar boxes, helmets, or memberships purchased are non-refundable.

Please be patient as we process through all of the registrations. It will take some time to process as we have several hundred to do.

While this pandemic crisis has made us distance ourselves within the community, it has also brought the community closer as we look for ways to support our neighbors in this time. It has not been an easy time, but it has been a time which has taught us many things and has caused us to appreciate things we may have taken for granted before. We will come out of this a stronger and more resilient community and we will do great things in the years to come!

As you prepare for the summer months, though you may not be spending your days and evenings at the ball field, you will have the opportunity to spend time with your family and create stronger bonds. Enjoy this time – take walks, have a cookout, play some backyard baseball, have a game of catch with your son or daughter, keep active and enjoy the warm, sunny days!

If you have any questions, you may always contact Dave at ‪gcyaabaseball@gmail.com‬ or you may contact me through Facebook Messenger or at ‪gcyaajacquie@gmail.com‬.

Thank you for your support and patience this year as we have dealt with the many unknowns of the 2020 season. It is greatly appreciated! We miss you this season. Take care, stay strong, and we will see you all in the Fall or for the 2021 season!

GCYAA Tball, Baseball, and Fast Pitch Softball


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