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23 Frequently Asked Questions for the 2023 Season!

1. How do I register my son or daughter? 
All the answers are here! – GCYAA Registration Mailer for 2023

2. When are my Evaluations? And how do they work? 
Pinto, Mustang and Bronco evaluations for both BOYS and GIRLS will be held OUTSIDE at Moeller Park on Friday March 24 & Saturday March 25.

BOYS Pony and Colt evaluations will be held OUTSIDE at the Garden City Park on Saturday, April 29.

**See the Evaluation Schedule on the Registration & Information Letter for exact days and times for your division – GCYAA Information Letter

All players are evaluated on hitting, throwing and catching. Players are evaluated so the teams when drafted will be equal in talent. Your evaluation number will be given to you at check in. We will have paper and tape to place it on the back of your shirt.

3. What time do I need to be at evaluations? And what should I bring? 
Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to check in

Bring your glove and appropriate shoes (cleats). A bat is optional.

4. What if I can’t attend evaluations?
Contact the commissioner at (Preferred method) or (734) 237 – 7672

5. When should I expect a phone call from my coach? Who do I contact if I don’t receive a phone call from my coach?  
*Pinto thru Bronco – You should receive a call within a week from your evaluation day.   

*TBall  – end of the first week of April  

*Hands on TBall – no coach, must attend MANDATORY parent meeting on Saturday, April 15 at 9am at Moeller field

If you don’t receive a phone call, contact the director of your division. 

6. When do I get my uniform? What if I need a pants exchange? 
Your uniform will be handed out by your coach during the last week of April. Contact your coach immediately should you have uniform issues. Players keep their uniform at the end of the season.

There will be a specific days & times posted for pants exchange after uniforms are handed out.

*We do not order specific shirt sizes for each player in the Spring season. We order common sizes for that age group*

7. When are schedules available?  
Schedules are available the last week of April. They will be posted online at

8. How do contact my coach? 
When you receive the first contact phone call from your coach, make sure to ask them for their name and phone number.

9. What days do I practice on?
Practice days and times are decided on by the coach. Practices begin in April.

10. What days do I play on?
*Monday & Wednesday – Girls Pinto
*Monday, Wednesday, and some Saturday – Boys Mustang, Boys Bronco, Boys Pony and Boys Colt
*Tuesday & Thursday – Boys Pinto, Girls Mustang, Girls Bronco
*Friday & Saturday – Hands On TBall, Tball

11. When does the season start and end?
Beginning of May to the end of July with some leagues starting and ending before others. The length of specific leagues will be based on the number of games to be played and the start date of the league. This will be reflected on your schedule. Please check your team’s schedule BEFORE making vacation plans.

12. Do I need my own helmet?
No. It is highly recommended, but there are always team helmets available in the team equipment bag. You can buy one at the concession stand when they are open.

13. Do I need my own bat? 
You do not need your own bat as there are always bats available in the team equipment bag.

14. What are the league’s Bat Rules?
Information can be found here:

15. Are there trophies at end of season?
Participation trophies/medals are given to every player in Hands-On TBall, TBall, Boys and Girls Pinto.

For Mustang and up, trophies are earned in the playoffs.

16. When is opening day?
Saturday, May 6, 2023
This is for Hands-On TBall thru Bronco divisions.

17.  Does my child play on Opening Day?
Schedules are not determined yet. It is likely most teams will play on Opening Day. Some divisions may start before Opening Day. Check your schedule for game times.

18.  What activities are on the 2023 Opening Day?
Opening Day Ceremony will be held at 10:30am at Moeller Field. 
Pictures will be taken outside at Moeller Field on Opening Day. Specific team time will be found on your schedule.
Games will be played on Opening Day.
Fun activities are currently being planned!

19. When do we get our pictures?  
Pictures are delivered to us a few weeks after they are taken. Once we receive them, we will deliver them to the coaches, who will then deliver them to you.

20. Who decides the practice and game cancellations?
Practice cancellations are made by your coach.

Game cancellations are made by the GCYAA commissioner or the individual hosting communities. Coaches may NOT cancel a game.

21.  Where do I find game cancellation information?
Game cancellation information will be posted as soon as it is available on Team App. Team App provides you instant notification messages.

**Coaches will NOT be contacted individually and we will not respond to phone calls, emails, or messages asking if a game is cancelled.**

22. Where do I find makeup game information?
Game makeup information will be posted as soon as it is available on Team App.

23. Where can I purchase Spiritwear? 
We will have a limited stock of styles and colors available at in person events for purchase or you can shop all our styles and colors in our online store here –