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Uniform shirts –
Shirts handed out based on the size of the child and are numbered 1 thru 12 or 13 depending on how many players are on the team, with the smaller numbers being the smaller size of shirts and the shirts increasing in size as the numbers increase. Coaches are to line up the players according to size and hand out the shirts accordingly. There are no number requests! We do not take specific size requests in the SPRING SEASON as with a league this large this is too difficult to accommodate and manage effectively. Please be understanding of this!

Uniform pants –
The GCYAA hands out one pair of elastic waist pants to each player. We have a variety of sizes available and parents can exchange the unused pants for a different size at the equipment room when our equipment manager is available.

Different teams may have different colors of pants based on the color of the team shirts. We ask that each player wear the same color pants as the color their team is assigned with their uniforms. We understand that a player may like a different style of pants such ones with a belt loop versus elastic waist, so if you choose to purchase a pair of these on your own, we ask that you purchase the exact SAME COLOR as what your team was assigned. For example, we do not want a team assigned with white pants to have players coming to games with white pants, gray pants, black pants, striped pants, etc. as it does not look good and represent the association well. If you will not use the assigned pants, we do appreciate that you return them as this helps to save on costs and the wasting of a pair of pants.

Uniform hats –
Please have your player write their name in sharpie on the underside of the hat to avoid a mix up of hats in the dugout and to help us return a hat to you should it get lost at the field. Please teach your player to be responsible for their hat as we do not have replacement hats available!